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The Emirates Environmental Group (EEG)

Emirates Environment Group (EEG) is the brainchild of Ms. Habiba Al Marashi, the Chairperson of EEG, who started the group in 1991 in an informal way. Today it works in a highly professional way with a systemized events calendar and set objectives for each year.  Membership of EEG is composed of corporate firms, federal and local government agencies, reputed regional and international institutions, universities, schools and colleges, as well as students, individuals, and families. With more than 2,000 volunteers from across the UAE, EEG is considered as one of the most active environmental NGOs in the region.

EEG Activities:
Emirates Environment Group organizes a range of activities every year.

Collection Campaigns:
Can collection and recycling: EEG started a campaign for waste collection way back in the year 1997, when EEG launched the Can collection initiative with three events: ‘Can Collection Day,’ ‘Your Can for a Tree,’ and ‘Can Collection Drive.’ With their successful execution of all three events, they were able to collect 27,372 kgs of aluminum cans and approximately the same amount in 2017.
Paper Recycling: One of EEG’s first recycling campaigns was paper recycling. Since the 1990s, it has collected 9,115,782 kg of paper from its members, which was then sent to factories for recycling
Battery Cell Collection:  EEG gathers battery cells which contain mercury and cadmium, that can potentially contaminate the soil, while also polluting the air and water. The battery cells are collected not for recycling, but to be given to the Dubai Municipality for safe disposal. From the campaign’s inception in 2006 to September 2011, EEG has collected 5388 kg of batteries.
Mobile phone recycling: In line with the thrust to promote awareness about the importance of proper treatment of e-waste in the UAE, particularly mobile devices and accessories, EEG collaborated with Nokia Markets Middle East and Africa in organising a mobile recycling campaign. The campaign reached new heights as the program was extended to include a greater number of target participants from various sectors of the UAE community in 2011.
Drawing competition: EEG educational projects began with a Drawing competition.
EGG’s annual environmental drawing competition that was first started in 2004, provides a platform for children to express their thoughts through art.
Inter-school environmental public speaking: Recognised as one of the biggest environmental events in the UAE, the public speaking competition focuses on environmental issues.
Inter-college environmental public speaking: This bi-lingual regional event is held in November each year for two days and is open to universities in the UAE, GCC and MENA Region. Through this platform undergraduate students are able to share their opinions on critical environmental issues.
Aside from all the above activities, EEG also organizes regular workshops for students and teachers, conferences on environmental issues, and community lectures to generate awareness on environmental concerns.
They also have corporate an outreach programme featuring regular meetings, presentations and dialogue sessions with the public and private sectors.
If you live in the UAE and want to become a member of EEG and be a part of their programmes and initiatives you can contact them here .

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