Masdar is a regional leader and an important International player in renewable energy and sustainable urban development .With its headquarters in the UAE , Masdar has been advancing the development , commercialization and deployment of cutting edge solutions in the industry for more than a decade now.

Masdar is into clean energy , consultancy services , sustainable real estate, sustainable procurement and supply chain consulting .

Major Environmental Initiatives by Masdar

ABU Dhabi Sustainability Week (ADSW)

In the year 20018 , Masdar initiated ABU Dhabi Sustainability Week . It is an yearly event  held in the month of January.The event attracts the largest sustainability gathering in the Middle East. ADSW is dedicated to understand the major social, economic and environmental trends shaping the world’s sustainable development, and to empowering the global community to realise viable and effective strategies to mitigate climate change.The theme of next ADSW 2018 is : Driving the Global Energy Transformation.

The International Water-Summit

The International Water Summit is the leading event for promoting water sustainability in arid regions. The event by the Masdar offers an extensive exhibition, a high-level conference and an exclusive matchmaking platform enabling attendees to successfully connect to the market and generate business opportunities. The summit provides a unique opportunity for stakeholders to witness and learn more about the latest innovative technologies impacting the industry.The next event is from 15-18 January 2018. Around 50 speakers will be presenting at the event.

Women in Sustainability, Environment and Renewable Energy (WiSER)

Founded by Masdar and the Zayed Future Energy Prize (ZFEP), WiSER is an initiative that aims to empower and inspire women to be catalysts of innovation and the drivers of commercial solutions.
WiSER looks to enable women to gain real-world experience and to build the right skills necessary to be leaders of industry, entrepreneurs and excel in sectors traditionally dominated by men.
WiSER regularly convenes women leaders to open forums that encourage dialogue and advocate practical solutions as well as showcasing the real-world contributions that women are making across multiple industries and disciplines.
At its heart, WiSER amplifies and shares a narrative that can reach and inspire women of all ages around the world.


The Masdar Gen Z Global Sustainability Survey

Masdar Gen Z Global Sustainability Survey White Paper 

Masdar Gen Z Global Sustainability Survey Top Findings in English  

Masdar Gen Z Global Sustainability Survey Top in Arabic  



In 2008, Masdar started  to develop the world’s most sustainable eco-city named Masdar City.

The city, which combines ancient Arabic architectural techniques with modern technology and captures prevailing winds, is naturally cooler and more comfortable during the high summer temperatures. The sun’s rays, available all round the year, are harnessed as well. Masdar uses clean energy generated on site from rooftop solar technology and one of the largest photovoltaic installations in the Middle East.
At the city’s core is an innovation engine. The city is growing its neighbourhoods around the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, a research university dedicated to cutting-edge solutions in the fields of energy and sustainability. The institute is Masdar City’s nucleus, which extends a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship throughout the city. Companies can foster close ties with the university and partner to spark economic growth and accelerate breakthrough technologies to market.
With a few thousand people living and working in Masdar City, it is on its way to realising its vision. But this is only the beginning. Masdar City continues to add new businesses, schools, restaurants, apartments and much more, creating the diversity of any major, modern city. When complete, 40,000 people will live in Masdar City, with an additional 50,000 commuting every day to work and study.

All above information is sourced from the Masdar website.To go to Masdar site, click here.



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