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Made from waste, with a taste: Amity Dubai students recreate latest designs from old dresses for Faste-17

Amity University’s fantastic upcycled fashion show Faste’17, based on sustainable fashion, was truly inspiring for fashionistas with an eco-conscience. Present at the show, at the Amity Campus, Dubai,  were Mr. Mohammad Abdullah, Managing Director, DIAC and Knowledge Park, Ms. Jazia Aldhanhani, CEO of the Dubai Fashion and Design Council at D3, and Ms. Ayesha Siddequa, Founder and Creative Director, Future Fashion – a “Pioneering Ethical Fashion Platform”, as special invitees.

In the age of fast fashion, mountains of discarded garments end up in landfills around the world. These garments take hundreds of years to decompose. When clothing isn’t recycled, it means that more needs to be produced in order to cater to demand, in turn putting more pressure on resources and thereby contributing to more pollution. “The main aim of this show was to spread awareness about eco-sustainability and the significance of a circular economy in the fashion industry,” shared Ms. Vaishali Raj, HOD of the Fashion Department, Amity University.

This glam event gave young students the opportunity to design and make a new outfit from recycled materials, showcase their creativity and inspire the wider community. “You can spice up your wardrobe by upcycling your clothes and making your old clothes new, and this is the message I wanted to communicate through my designs”, said Aprana Nair, a student at Amity University and a participating designer.

Mr.Mohammad Abdullah, Managing Director, DIAC and Knowledge Park (extreme right), Pro Vice Chancellor of Amity University Dubai, Dr. Ramachandran (extreme left), Dr. Fazal Malik, Dean Humanities, Arts and Applied Sciences (in the middle)

“We were asked to recycle old textiles into new ones. I made my garment from an old dress”, said Jazbiya Zafar.  “In other circumstances, I would have discarded it like any other garment that is not in fashion anymore, but the fashion show’s theme inspired me to give it a new look. I was myself surprised to see the results,” she added.

“By altering, accessorising and combining clothes in new ways, one can revamp the wardrobe and look amazing”, says Shana Karim student at Amity University, Dubai. “The purpose of the show was to communicate to all the students on the campus and also the wider world that we have the power to change the world”.

The potential of a circular economy in the fashion industry is being recognised by big fashion houses like H&M,  Adidas, Gucci and many more with their efforts like using  recycled materials, ocean waste plastic,  and jewelry from recycled coffee grounds, etc. But on any given day, small efforts to convert old designs into new can create a wider eco conscious community. “It is always a good idea to redesign your clothes rather than throw them away. Not only would it make you feel good, but it will help the environment as well”, shares Sidra Shaukat from Amity.



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