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International Eye Care Brands and Eco-Friendly Eyewear

Going by market reports, the eyewear market is expected to exceed $180 billion in value by 2024. The reports suggest that specialized frames for children and half-frames for reading glasses will be the major contributor to revenue growth. This is mainly because of prolonged  exposure to digital displays such as computers, smartphones and tablets at an early age. This growth also means that consumption of plastic and other metals required by the industry will grow multifold and create a bigger need for eyewear industry players to come up with eco-friendly eyewear to mitigate the impact of this growth on the environment.

So, what makes eyewear brands and their spectacles eco-friendly?
Eco-friendly eyewear refers to eyeglasses and sunglasses that are created in a way (starting with the design of the frames, which includes material and mechanics, through the fabrication process to distribution) that the process does not put pressure on our natural resources. Eyeglasses and sunglasses brands can minimize waste and ecological damage and share a percentage of its profit with conservation agencies. Basically, they need to commit to the environment as a social responsibility.

“We need more lens-manufacturing labs that reduce water and electricity consumption in the fabrication line, have eco-friendly, energy-saving machines and office environments”, says Ali Baduxxxx , xxx of based in Kuwait.
“Eyeglass and sunglass manufacturers need to use more of recyclable materials”, he adds. “Glass frames and prescription lenses that are cut, engraved and cleaned without the use of harmful chemicals is a good green practice”, according to Ali.

So, are there eco-friendly brands available?
If you are looking to protect your eyes and the Earth with eco-friendly glasses and sunglasses, these are the brands that have eco-friendly frames:

Stella McCartney
Earth Conscious Optics’ frames
Eco Eyes
Nature Eyes
Warby Parker’s glasses
Amy Sacks frames

If you need to use glasses, go ahead and buy the eco-friendly eyewear, but remember not to discard them just to keep up with the trends.


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