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The Team

Who: I am Seema Sangra
Where: I am based in Dubai
Twitter name: Ecowarrior17
Instagram: Ecojournal
My Story : I am a working media professional with 20 years of  mainstream media industry as well as teaching and training experience. In 2003, I landed up working with a development communication organization called OneWorld South Asia. It opened up my understanding of development issues. I got to work on MDGs (Millennium Development Goals) specifically health & environment. In 2007, I joined The Zayed International Prize for the Environment in Dubai and helped restructure their monthly publication to raise awareness on environmental issues. Environmental communication has since been close to my heart. Over the past 12 years, I have developed a comprehensive understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of environmental communication.
I am of the opinion that our present environmental mess is nothing but a story of a climate transformed by human activity. The fragility of Planet Earth has often caused me to lose hope for our beautiful world. But there are silver linings to be seen in the actions of some world leaders, individuals, and organisations. The idea of ‘The Eco-Journal’ gives me a reason to be hopeful for our future and contribute environment-related content, create a bigger network of like-minded people and eventually help our next generation to embrace a better lifestyle for a sustainable Planet Earth.
Last but not least, I am a firm believer in the  potential  of ISR (Individual Social Responsibility) as much as CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).
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