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UAE with its resources and innovative projects can be a role model: Garrett Adkins

The Valhalla movement has started a ripple of goodness to help the Planet Earth. It believes that the world’s people can heal the world itself. And that is what The Eco Journal believes and propagates. Garrett Adkins, the co-founder of the movement, speaks to SEEMA SANGRA  exclusively for the Eco Journal.

You have often stressed upon the need to change our mode from ‘consumption to collaboration’. Why?
GA: Collaboration over consumption is key. What we consume has become this distant and foreign process with many people (especially the younger generations) only knowing their food or goods from store to home. Collaboration brings trade and skills to the individual level so we can value one another and provide on a local basis. I obviously strongly believe in world peace but also see the need for communities to thrive by themselves. It creates higher levels of happiness and fulfillment, preserves the unique culture of the area and grows the feeling of belonging and offeres value that so many people crave.

How can this concept be applied in, for example, a city like Dubai?
GA: With the resources available and innovation coming from the UAE and specifically Dubai, it is a perfect place to implement these practices and show the world what is possible.

How can people in the big cities grow their own food or produce solar energy?
In bigger cities, like Dubai, we need to utilize roofs for gardens. Solar can happen on a micro level but it is also possible to collect solar on the outskirts of cities, store in structures (like Tesla’s Gigafactories), and import into the city.
I also believe that community gardens and blocks dedicated to food production is important in cities.The innovation is out there. I work with a sustainable architecture company that provides housing fully off the grid but with a sleek design that both mayors and mothers would approve of.
It is just connecting governments, investors, artists, builders, and leaders with the same mission of creating a more sustainable world.
Can you elaborate on “collaborative action” keeping our readers in mind?
GA: Collaborative Action is the process of finding your tribe and taking on the world’s greatest challenges together. We live in a time where your heroes or others who have similar interests are just a quick email away. It has never been easier to reach so many people and build a better world together.
What can The Eco Journal readers take away from your own inspirational journey down this path?
GA: What I have learned in my own journey is the people you meet along the way is one of the greatest benefits of following your bliss. Plus we are stronger together than apart.
So, I urge you to find your tribe. Meet people. Become vocal. Message your hero. Get involved. Community is what so many people need. Combine forces and inspire the world!

And here is how they are creating a role model for others at Valhalla movement.

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