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Four friends and an impressive eco- solution: Tasini bags wins UNEP Award

According to United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) , eight million tons of plastic enter the oceans every year – calculated per minute this is as much as a full garbage truck can transport. This plastic waste threatens the lives of countless fish and other marine animals, can disturb entire marine and coastal ecosystems and end up in the food chain.

UNEP launched the “Clean Seas” campaign at the beginning of 2017  in partnership with Think Beyond Plastic, the challenge was meant to inspire university students worldwide to come up with innovative solutions to the problem of marine litter.

From a total of 200 submitted entries, Roger Spranz, a former PhD student at the Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research (ZMT), and his friends have been honoured with an innovation prize for their “Tasini” project. The jury of the “Clean Seas Innovation Challenge”, a competition that recognises students worldwide for original solutions to the problem of marine litter, chose the Tasini project .The award was presented recently at the International Marine Debris Conference in San Diego, USA.

(Picture : Roger Spranz and Pritosha Kobbe)

Indonesia counts among one of the biggest contributors to the problem of plastic waste in the oceans. Around 10 million plastic bags are used in the country every day. Three years ago, social scientist Roger Spranz from ZMT started a research project in Bali for his doctoral thesis. His work examined incentives that can be used to encourage people to use fewer plastic bags.

Spranz and his colleagues came up with the idea of “Tasini”, reusable shopping bags made from recycled plastic waste and designed in the shape of sea animals. The little turtles, octopus, sharks and rays are not only a fashion accessory but serve as environmental ambassadors raising awareness of the marine litter issue. The foldable bags can be attached to a key ring and replace up to 400 plastic bags a year – a fun way to protect the environment!

The production of “Tasini” bags with high environmental and social standards has now started in Indonesia. “We were able to reduce production costs and thus to reach even more people,” reports Roger Spranz. Part of the project is a large-scale information campaign on the subject of marine litter.

“We are four friends from Germany and Indonesia and founders of the environmental initiative Making Oceans Plastic Free. We are passionate about the conservation of our oceans and it is our aim to preserve this gift to pass on to the next generations. “, says Spranz. “We have also had great interest in Europe and are currently considering how we can use Tasini most effectively in Germany to reduce the number plastic bags used.”he adds further.

Tashni features special agents :

Companion : Attached to a keychain, this Tasini Octopus (toy) is unforgettable. A reusable bag that is always with you.

Magacian: A reusable bag is hidden inside the marine animal (toy).

Local: The marine animals connect to Asian culture’s love for playful and fun accessories and help as environmental embassadors raising plastic pollution awareness in our campaigns.


The Tasini bag is made from recycled plastic waste (rPET).




Just ONE Tasini can save around 400 plastic bags a year from polluting our oceans.

If you are interested in distribution or wholesale of Tasini,  contact them  HERE  


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