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Meet Kashinadh Pranesh : Our Young Eco- Hero

Name: Kashinadh Pranesh
Age: 8 years
School: Gems Millennium School Sharjah
Grade: 3rd Standard
Membership: Emirates Environmental Group ( EEG)

Why do I care about our planet?
Because it is our only home.  If we pollute it, we only harm ourselves.
How do I inspire others?
My life and my environmental activities will hopefully make people aware of the importance of protecting the environment.
How can other kids help make UAE cities as sustainable cities?
Kids can take individual initiatives to conserve the environment. For example, they can make sure that water and energy are not wasted in their own homes. They can make it a practice to switch off lights, turn off water taps, and so on, when not in use. Another option is to use school stationery wisely, and develop a habit of reusing things at home. When people consume less and reuse things, less garbage will go into landfills.
Immediate Goals: To start an environmental group in my school.

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