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Made from waste, with a taste: Amity Dubai students recreate latest designs from old dresses for Faste-17

Amity University’s fantastic upcycled fashion show Faste’17, based on sustainable fashion, was truly inspiring for fashionistas with an eco-conscience. Present at the show, at the Amity Campus, Dubai,  were Mr. Mohammad Abdullah, Managing Director, DIAC and Knowledge Park, Ms. Jazia Aldhanhani, CEO of the Dubai Fashion and Design Council at D3, and Ms. Ayesha Siddequa, Founder and Creative Director, Future Fashion ...

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International Eye Care Brands and Eco-Friendly Eyewear

Going by market reports, the eyewear market is expected to exceed $180 billion in value by 2024. The reports suggest that specialized frames for children and half-frames for reading glasses will be the major contributor to revenue growth. This is mainly because of prolonged  exposure to digital displays such as computers, smartphones and tablets at an early age. This growth also means that ...

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Pollution protection-masks are the new fashion accessories of our polluted cities

Beijing , Tehran , or New Delhi , closing schools due to dangerous pollution levels during the winters, has become a new normal than an exception . So is the sight of people wearing anti-pollution masks. Facemasks have become a “multimillion-dollar industry” as pollution worsens in different cities of the world. Many respiratory mask companies have started making fashion masks! ...

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