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Mariska Nell : A designer, and a painter with an Eco bent of mind

Made from a combination of plastics and aluminum with organic matter inside, coffee pods are not biodegradable. Coffee pods contribute to a global environmental disaster, with billions of the sleek aluminum and plastic capsules ending up in landfills in America, Europe, Australia and other coffee drinking nations each year. Mariska Nell, a South African designer and an artist based in ...

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Environmental Filmmaking: Interview with Antoinette Wilson and Jordan Osmond, Founders of Happen Films

The aim of Happen Films is to showcase and demonstrate inspiring solutions to the multiple global crises the world is facing today. They do ‘sustainably -films’ about the solutions and how people are pioneering this transition. And make films on positive case studies in order to inspire others to make change in their own lives and in their communities. The ...

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UAE with its resources and innovative projects can be a role model: Garrett Adkins

The Valhalla movement has started a ripple of goodness to help the Planet Earth. It believes that the world’s people can heal the world itself. And that is what The Eco Journal believes and propagates. Garrett Adkins, the co-founder of the movement, speaks to SEEMA SANGRA  exclusively for the Eco Journal. You have often stressed upon the need to change ...

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