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Four friends and an impressive eco- solution: Tasini bags wins UNEP Award

According to United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) , eight million tons of plastic enter the oceans every year – calculated per minute this is as much as a full garbage truck can transport. This plastic waste threatens the lives of countless fish and other marine animals, can disturb entire marine and coastal ecosystems and end up in the food chain. ...

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Plastic Road- A Revolution in Building Roads

Three companies, each contributing its own expertise and experience,  are working together on an innovative concept called – the plastic Road, a unique concept to build plastic roads as a sustainable alternative to traditional asphalt roads.It has a significantly smaller carbon footprint than traditional road structures thanks to the longer lifespan and the reduction of transport movements involved in its ...

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Sustainability, Self-reliance, Collaborative action : Welcome to Valhalla eco-friendly movement

 “Economy good = life good” . Which is true, but now, more than ever, we need to change our mode from consumption to collaboration. Now that we have it all, and we do, we need to find a way to do more with less instead of feeling like the next purchase will solve all our problems.” Far away from the ...

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Not Just a Piece of Cloth (NJPC) Initiative : Combating Period Poverty

‘Not Just a Piece of Cloth’ initiative by Goonj  brings a million voices together from around the globe on menstruation. Why DO we need such initiatives? Primarily for three reasons: •Poor women in under developed and developing countries lack solutions to deal with basic needs during the mensural period. Many girls and women rely on crude, makeshift materials like pieces ...

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