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Dress [with] Sense

DRESS [WITH] SENSE is written by Christina Dean, Hannah Lane and Sofia Tärneberg , to create an easy-to-read guide giving fashion facts and practical tips for readers to enjoy a lifelong journey towards developing a more conscious closet. It includes tips from inspiring people from around the world, from models to bloggers to activists, who champion sustainable wardrobe ethics and ...

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2017 Yearbook of Global Climate Action Launched at COP23

UN Climate Change News, Bonn, Nov 15 – At the High-Level closing of the Global Climate Action events, the first Yearbook of Climate Action was presented to UN Secretary-General António Guterres by Inia Seruiratu, Climate Champion and Fijian Minister for Agriculture, Rural and Maritime Development and National Disaster Management, and Salaheddine Mezouar, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of the Kingdom of Morocco ...

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Planet ERATH: An e-Book for kids

A smart book for today’s kids about one of the biggest environmental challenges of our age – and how to solve it. The project intends to hold up a mirror to our world and the present state of environmental affairs.It is a combination of science, a story, and an activity book. And it is beautifully illustrated to help capture the ...

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Big Chicken

Book title : The Big Chicken Published by The National Geographic   “Chicken meat was a byproduct of egg farming Soon after antibiotics emerged in the 1940s, farmers began dosing poultry with antibiotics to make the birds fatter and to protect them against diseases in large factory farms”-  Maryn McKenna The book -The Big Chicken is an eye opener written by ...

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