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Bats have nothing to do with the Batman.

Batman and Batcave are not about real Bats. Neither is Batman’s Phobia to Bats is real; it’s a reel thing. For centuries people have feared bats. They have a terrible reputation for being creatures that lurk at night. The reference that they are vampires has been deeply seeded into various cultures and that further instills fear. Such stories and recommendations ...

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Wonderful migratory birds and their marathon migration

Millions of birds undertake a long journey every year and fly over different parts of the world. They cross desserts , oceans, mountains and vast landscapes of different countries. It is truly amazing how migratory birds can navigate with pin-point accuracy. Though  how migrating birds find their flyways is not fully understood , there are few initiatives to do in depth ...

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Meet world’s largest beetles outside the Brazilian rainforest in the UAE

The Giant Long-horned Beetle. They grow up to 12 centimeters long, have 5cm antennae, strong legs, and mandibles that can draw blood. Some of them have antennae longer than their own body. One of the largest beetles in the world, Giant Long-horned Beetles are exclusively associated with ghaf woodlands, or desert trees common in the Emirates (Ghaf trees are known ...

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Do you know this wonderful app called Animal Tracker?

With Animal Tracker, you can follow the movements of wild animals all over the world that are being tracked in near-real time! These movements are collected by tiny GPS tags carried by the animals and are stored at Movebank, a free online infrastructure used by thousands of researchers to manage, share, analyze, and archive animal movement data. You can easily ...

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The Seven Flagship Species of Migratory Birds

Barn Swallow Enigmatic and familiar, the Barn Swallow can be found nearly worldwide—breeding across the Northern Hemisphere and wintering in the Southern Hemisphere as far away as Argentina and Australia. These bright blue birds are known for their abundance in open spaces and for their close association with humans. The birds have always been linked to people, even adapting former ...

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The Little Mama is no more.The oldest chimp in captivity, dies at Lion Country Safari

Little Mama Gorilla

Lion Country Safari officials have confirmed the death of Little Mama , believed to have been the world’s oldest chimpanzee in captivity . She died at the age of  59,  on 14th November 2017. Typically, chimpanzees in the wild live about 40 to 50 years while those in captivity can live 50 to 60 years. She held a special place ...

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