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About Us

We live in a world where hurricanes have names, snow in winters is being addressed as a bomb and oceans have plastic islands as well as plastic microbes swimming with fish and other marine life. We waste more food than what is enough to feed millions who go hungry every day.

Our supermarkets have big banners announcing bundle offers, fruits are being packaged in plastic boxes, social media is buzzing with influencers who help promote consumerism to their millions of fans, and our notions of festive celebrations are based on industry-driven media that add trillions of tons of waste to our landfills. Hundreds of dead zones (where water does not contain enough oxygen for marine life) around the world are transforming large parts of our oceans, seas, and waterways into underwater deserts. Every day we read about the disastrous way in which we are losing our biodiversity and yet continue with our eco-unfriendly lifestyles, which is the prime reason for the state of our environment.

It’s true some of us do switch off electricity for one hour once in a year, go off meat on a vegetarian day or a particular month, and participate in ‘Clean Our Cities/Beaches’ on World Environment Day, but persist with our eco-detrimental lifestyle on regular days. Children are made to do class projects on environmental issues, or choose an eco theme for their annual day, as an overall eco responsibility without an overall understanding of eco values.

The Eco Journal website is about understanding eco-stories in a realistic way and not to get disillusioned by much of the ‘green-washing’ that we witness around us. It is about not losing hope amid the explosion of negative stories about the environment. It seeks to build a community of like-minded eco-conscious people, generate content to sensitize and encourage everyone to lead a lifestyle that is good for our planet. It’s about our journey to a better future. It’s about you, me, and the planet!